Technology Themes and Topics

We are pleased to offer a large variety of different technology topics.  Because of the limited number of campers, we are able to personalize the program to match the interests and skill levels of the campers each week.  

We create an original DVD video each week.  The campers choose topics, write the scripts, and do the acting and filming and editing.  We have lots of fun, and use different techniques every week, including green screen backgrounds, props, special effects, music, simple costumes, and more.

The themes are set up so that some of the early themes will be used and reinforced all summer long.

(Exact details of a topic may change slightly. Projects and experiments vary from year to year. In particular, this year we have a bunch of fun new projects and experiments.)


Weekly Themes and Topics 

Week 1 –  June 17-21 – Video Filming and Editing

While we make a video every week, this week we concentrate on really learning the tools and the craft of filmmaking.  We look at composition, pacing and scripts, effects, editing, camera angles, and more.

Week 2 – June 24-28 – 3D Design and Using a 3D Printer

3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a wonderful tool for designing everything from art to automobiles.  We will be designing various things and are able to print items out using the 3D printer.

Week 3 – July 1-3 (No camp July 4&5) – Safe Google Search

Google Searching – Learn how to use Google searches, research techniques, internet citizenship, respecting intellectual property, how to evaluate sources of information

Week 4 – July 8-12 – Chess and Minecraft

Learn chess, and how to build virtual worlds in Minecraft.  We will be using the free open source version from for this week.

Week 5 – July 15-19 – Photography and Image Editing

Photography – Composition, Gimp, editing

Graphics – Scanning, Gimp, editing 2D/3D

Week 6 – July 22-26 – Computer Animation

Create your own animations and stories 

(No Camp Week of Green Oak Ranch, July 29 – August 2)


Week 7 – Aug 5-9 – Programming Using Scratch

Learn computer programming using the Scratch programming language from MIT

Week 8 – Aug 12-16 – Make Your Own Game

Design and program your own games